Monday, February 20, 2012

Flirty Girl Debuts Flirty Girl Fitness LIVE!

Constantly on the lookout for new ideas to incorporate into my classes, I stumbled upon Flirty Girl Fitness LIVE, which includes not only live classes but "on demand" as well.  A brief overview of the free full length classes.....

Sexy Sculpt - Started off a tad slow....wondering why they don't start to film closer to the time they actually begin warming up.  Speaking of a warm up, this class went straight into fast "skier" lunges with the gliding discs with no warm up, which I found odd.  This was followed by pelvic tilts which were performed lying on a "log" (foam roller).  Ab and arm work follows.  Nice butt work, including my favorite "donkey kick" exercise!  However, when they did exercises against the wall, you could not see what they were doing as there was a bad camera angle.  Instructor Karey cued well and offered lots of options. 
Grade: A

Body Blast - Again slow start.  Class goes right into lifting with no aerobic warm up.  Referrring to a multi-muscle exercise near the beginning, instructor Eneli says, "I love just watching people screw this up; it's funny".  Umm, a fellow instructor, I am a bit horrified she would say that (and yes, I do have a sense of humor) but she does seem knowledgeable, corrects her students when necessary and she cues well.  The lady in the grey shirt behind Eneli looks like she's ready to kill someone but I can relate; when you're working hard, nothing will make you crack a smile!  But know that we instructors are just trying to help you through it with laughter.  ;-)  Anyway, nice variety of exercises, although the stretching at the end was abruptly cut off. 
Grade: A

Video Vixen - Definitely the highlight of my Flirty Girl experience!  Taught by Alix, it includes a warm up...yea!!  Described as a class where we will be taught routines done by stars such as Madonna (another plus for this huge Madonna fan), Alix does a fantastic job of breaking down this routine.  She demonstrates an 8 count and repeats it several times slow before turning on the music and trying it both slow and fast.  She then adds on another 8 count.  She is an excellent dance instructor.  If you have two left feet, I still believe you can learn this dance; however, you may have to do it to a slower song as the one she has is very fast.

Also, it's a shame Alix is at the back of the room because sometimes her arm movements/placement gets cut off.  In addition, her voice fades in and out at times.  That being said, I still think this is a super fun class.
Grade: A+

Pricing is not bad; a 7 day pass is only 10.00, a monthly pass is 15.00, and a 1 day pass is 5.00.  I'm going to give it a go and let you know how it goes.  If anyone else tries it, let me know!

Have you had any experiences with pay as you go sites like this?  I hope you'll share your experiences with me in the comments section!  Thanks and happy exercising!